Evidence and submissions to the Review will be published on this page.

The Review will publish all submissions and evidence by the conclusion of the Review, unless there are legal difficulties to prevent publication, or unless they are abusive or potentially defamatory.

If you have made a submission, it will be possible for the public to see that you or your organisation have done so – though the Review will not publish private postal or email addresses, or telephone contact details. The team will publish submissions in full accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Publication of submissions
The Review reserves the right to withhold publication of submissions if they are abusive, potentially defamatory or there are other legal difficulties which prevent publication. In these cases, the Review will seek permission for us to publish contact details for the submission’s authors, so that interested parties may contact them directly.

Publication of correspondence or submissions by the Review are not an endorsement of the views expressed by the author(s).

David Holland's submission:
Mr Holland has made a submission to the Review which, like every other submission, has been read and noted in full. However, on legal advice we cannot publish the submission in its current form. Mr Holland subsequently submitted a letter response in lieu of his submission. This also cannot be published in its current form. The Review has offered to publish a redacted version of the letter response and publish Mr Holland's contact details for those who wish to obtain a copy of his submission directly from him. However, Mr Holland has not consented to this.

External websites
Some of the submissions include website details and/or hyperlinks to websites or blogs. The Review is not responsible for the content of external websites referred to in any submission. The Review is not responsible for maintaining these websites, and they can be modified or updated without the Review’s knowledge or agreement.

Publication of submissions containing website details and/or links to websites or blogs should not be understood to be an endorsement of that website or blog, its content or the site’s owners.

Copyrighted materials
Some submissions include materials which are held under copyright by third parties (e.g. excerpts from journal articles or books, or materials written or published by a third party). Since the Review does not have the right to reproduce copyrighted materials, the Review has removed these materials and provided details about where they can be found and/or purchased.

Re: Written Evidence – UEA  ‘A list of a all FOI requests received relating to the Climatic Research Unit since 2005’
Readers should note the addition of the 08-31 FOI request which was previously omitted due to an administrative error. The revision does not affect the conclusions or recommendations of the final report.

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Date: 24/10/10
Type: Written evidence
Number: 0155
Author: University of East Anglia. A list of a all FOI requests received relating to the Climatic Research Unit since 2005
Link: click to open

Date: 06/07/10
Type: Written evidence
Number: 0153
Author: Sir Russell's response to Graham Stringer MP's enquiry
Link: click to open

Date: 02/07/10
Type: Written evidence
Number: 0116
Author: A list of all FOI and EIR requests received relating to the Climatic Research Unit since 2005
Link: click to open

Date: 02/07/10
Type: Written evidence
Number: 0122
Author: Evidence from Review Editors for Chapters 3 and 6 of the IPCC Fourth Assessment
Link: click to open

Date: 02/07/10
Type: Written evidence
Number: 0115
Author: Communication relating to Keith Briffa's editorial treatment of a submitted manuscript
Link: click to open

Date: 25/06/10
Type: Written evidence
Number: 0135
Author: Keith R. Briffa - Response to additional Question regarding Keith Briffa's request to Eugene Wahl and his Response
Link: click to open

Date: 15/06/10
Type: Oral evidence
Number: 0144
Author: Notes of Sir Muir Russell & David Eyton's interview with Professor Trevor Davies, PVC Research, Enterprise and Engagement
Link: click to open

Date: 09/06/10
Type: Written submission
Number: 0104
Author: Stephen McIntyre
Link: click to open

Date: 08/06/10
Type: Written evidence
Number: 0112
Author: Response from Lisa Williams to questions from Muir Russell on governance
Link: click to open

Date: 26/05/10
Type: Written submission
Number: 0103
Author: various
Link: click to open




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